Every football team deserves its own custom made football kit. Your kit is the identity of your club, your team, and your players. It can help your fans identify you, dress like you and a custom kit instils fear into your competitors. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key reasons to invest in a custom-designed kit.

Unique to you

Your kit is totally unique to you and your team. The colours and design used can represent the spirit of your club and the group of players who represent your team. Your fans can buy your kit or merchandise in your custom made kit colours to show their support for you and your team.


Football kits need to stand the test of time… and weather. As most of the UK football season is played during autumn and winter, you need the peace of mind the kit you invest in will last the rain, snow, mud and cold game after game. By investing in a custom made kit, you’ll be guaranteed a high-quality kit at a fair price. You’ll be speaking directly to the people who manufacture your kit so you will feel reassured they’re taking into consideration all your requests for a great looking, durable kit.


A custom made kit can actually help your team to perform better. From the socks to the shirts you wear, you can input on the design and materials used, which will ensure you have the highest quality kit to suit your team at a great price. Wearing the right kit can massively impact your game, so buying a custom made kit for your team is well worth the investment if you’re serious about winning.

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