School football kits, more so than kits that are produced for a team at any other level, need to be bright and fun, and so the best school football kits need to be colourful!

School is serious enough at the best of times, from the uniform to the maths homework to the dressing down from your French teacher for failing to properly learn the passé composé.

For students that find schooldays a serious challenge, playing for the school team acts as a great payoff.

Putting Smiles on Young Faces Through Football

It is the great equaliser that brings joy into their life after a tough day learning algebra equations.

In many ways, football is like escapism. For schoolchildren especially, it is a great release and something to really look forward to. Everything that happens on the field should be in direct contrast to the goings-on of a classroom.

While classes are orderly and regimented, a game of football is a non-stop energy release in which the possible stars of tomorrow get the opportunity to showcase their skills.

School Football Kits Should Ooze Personality

In complete contrast to the school uniform, school football kits should be bright, fun and even a little bit in-your-face.

Education is, of course, a great thing. But so too is football, and the sight of a young player putting on a masterclass performance should be celebrated, just like impressive academic performances are.

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