Anyone who played for a football team during their childhood remembers the feeling with fondness.

Pulling on that jersey and tying those boot laces felt great because, as far as you were concerned, you were a part of something very special.

Every Premier League club sells more jerseys in children’s sizes than adult sizes, and there’s a good reason for this.

Reaching for the stars

When you’re a child, the dream is still very much alive. You have an entire lifetime of football ahead of you and the sky’s the limit for your personal ambitions.

You dream of winning the Premier League and scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final at Wembley should be wholeheartedly embraced by parents and coaches.

Today, Lionel Messi is an icon to millions of children across the globe. They gaze at his every movement on the football field and try to emulate his seemingly impossible trickery.

Saturday morning is the one time of the week when football-loving kids get to feel like Messi, or whoever their hero is for that matter.

That special feeling of being just like your hero

From the moment they put their jersey on, they’re a member of a team – just like the Barcelona icon.

Junior football kits are vitally important, but not because they help the referee to distinguish between the two teams on the pitch.

They’re important because they allow children to dream of becoming a superstar of tomorrow. Children should never stop dreaming.