Choosing the right kit for your football team is a serious business. You want them to be comfortable and hard-wearing, of course, and you also want them to look good. Making the wrong choices in terms of design, or colour can lead to serious repercussions among the fans.

Check out the following kit choices that resulted in serious controversy for their respective clubs.

Controversial Cameroon Team Football Kit


In the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations, the Cameroon team took to the field in sleeveless vests that looked more suited to basketball than football. That same year, in the World Cup, officials informed them they would not be allowed to wear their sleeveless kit during the competition, and they were forced to add black sleeves to their tops at the last minute.

Controversial Cardiff Team Football Kit

Cardiff City

While not a bad-looking kit by any means, the red shirts introduced by chairman Vincent Tan in 2012 (ironically because they were ‘lucky’) flew in the face of 114 years of tradition for the team known as the Bluebirds.

Controversial Boca Juniors Team Football Kit

Boca Juniors

Further proof that a colour scheme can affect performance. In the macho culture of South America, Boca fans were not pleased with the team’s new purple shirts – even less so when they couldn’t win so much as a single game while wearing them.

Controversial Manchester United Team Football Kit

Manchester United

Another bad luck story surrounds Manchester United’s infamous grey kit. Even the manager, Alex Ferguson, felt the pinch of misfortune, attributing a 3-1 defeat to Southampton to the new kits, and banning them from then on.

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