Choosing the perfect customised football kit for your team is a key decision. The football kit is the public face of the team and so making sure you get one that looks good is important. In addition, it needs to be something that the players will love to wear and in doing so provide a real identity for them to get fully behind.

But what should you be looking for in team football kits to make you stand-out?


One of the key components when choosing team football kits is the quality of the kits themselves. Naturally, you want something that is durable enough to withstand playing and washing without falling apart while being comfortable to wear.


The price of the kit you order will be something you need to factor in also. You will want to find a kit that is great value for money to help out your team’s bank balance! However, it also needs to be high-quality, so ensure you consider the price with this in mind.

Range of choice

If it is bespoke team football kits that you require, then you need a good selection of styles and colours to choose from. This will make sure you get the exact kit you want along with it being unique to your team.

TSM Football offer football kits that hit the mark on all the above criteria. Get in touch today to see our full range of great value kits to choose from or to talk about a bespoke football kit.